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Jan's Blog

Jan Says Goodbye to Bill Heywood

I'm way out of my comfort zone here. As public of a life as I lead, my private thoughts have always remained private. Itís what has taken me so long to embrace blogging.

But the suicide death of Bill Heywood and his wife Susan has, in the last 48 hours, begun a continuous and painful conversation with so many of my colleagues and friends who have all felt the need to collectively seek answers to the ďwhy?Ē  Weíve all been looking for a tiny thread of reason or understanding that could ease our pain. Those are two things that suicide will never do for survivors. It will never give us acceptable answers to our questions or fill the emptiness because of the story with a terribly sad ending.


The New Year's Party Sandwich

The New Year's Party Sandwich Iím preparing a column for the Arizona Republic about a really cool party sandwich and I wanted to give you a quick pictorial step by step because this sandwich is a winner! Itís going to be just perfect for your New Yearís Eve or New Yearís Day parties, and itís also a fantastic picnic sandwich because you donít have to worry about the crust drying out.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Yippee! Iím finally starting my blog! I know, I know. Welcome to the modern world, Jan. But I always have so much to say and Iíve been afraid my blog installments would turn into mini-novels! So I promise to keep them short and sweet! Iíve also promised myself that I wouldnít go back, re-think my copy or edit myself.
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